Our Sustainability Policy

Sustainability of our business model is our utmost priority. While meeting the needs of our employees and society, we implement a responsible, respectful and constantly developing and growing business model for the healthy future of our world. For the purpose of achieving a constantly developing sustainability performance that meets legal requirements and international good practices and standards throughout our value chain, we attach utmost importance on social and governance issues.

We carry out the following for constantly developing our sustainability performance:

• We take the necessary health and safety measures for ensuring that our employees, suppliers and visitors go back home in safety every day.

• We spend effort by heart for mitigating our negative impact on natural resources, use of resources and footprint, and producing social benefits and positive environmental contribution.

• We consider innovation, research and development and constant improvement of great importance, and we design, implement and improve production with an innovative point of view by integrating innovation into all stages of our process, product and business model.

• We demonstrate innovative approach for developing accurate solutions by detecting problems throughout our business model and value chain; we implement technologies that mitigate environmental impact in use of raw materials and resources, product design and energy management; and we prioritise automation.

• We respect human rights, equality of opportunity, culture and values for all segments of society, especially our employees; and we endeavour to create continuous benefits for all our stakeholders by developing meaningful, effective, inclusive and transparent employment and stakeholder engagement processes.

• We work in full compliance with applicable legislations; we develop and implement innovative instruments focusing on operations for managing, measuring and constantly developing our sustainability performance.

• We report our sustainability performance in accordance with globally acceptable standards; we share our impacts, risks, opportunities and successes with society, hence increasing the engagement of people in monitoring and decision-making processes.

• We develop business models and strategies to achieve the targets set in order to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; we endeavour for multifaceted partnerships with our stakeholders to create economic and social value.

• We work with all our power for creating values suitable with our way of working and our principles, ethical, trustable, transparent and permanent and sustainable in the long term.

• We carry out practices supporting our suppliers and customers as well for them to demonstrate approaches necessary to constantly increase sustainability and the environmental, social and governance performance.

As Sio Automotive employees and suppliers, we undertake to act in accordance with this policy.

This policy shall be reviewed by Sio Automotive Sustainability Committee once a year, and shall be revised in line with the philosophy of continuous improvement and in necessary cases.