SIO Quality Department

Our vision is built on the concept of Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement. Our quality assurance is based on our implementation of SPC in conjunction with capability studies of our production tools and APQP. Quality is the responsibility of every employee in SIO Automotive.Our employees take part in a wide range of seminars and vocational training sessions to enhance their qualifications on the job. Customer focused approach and action is an essential philosophy of our quality management.

Our Quality Policy

SIO Automotive, with its production facility located in Ergene Tekirdag, has the objective to achieve sustainable growth in market share by offering its customers high quality and competitive products. We ensure that our Management Systems fully satisfies the current requirements of IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001 ve ISO 45001. We strive to achieve the highest quality standards through continuous improvement using risk and process based approach whilst providing products and services according to the conditions specified by our customers. SIO Automotive is also fully aware of its environmental and occupational safety responsibilities. We adopt the following principles in this respect;
● High level of product and service quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
● Logistics excellence: On time and correct deliveries.
● Improving operational efficiency to ensure price competitiveness, using and developing new technologies and methods, while complying with the national and international regulations and laws as well as customers' requirements.
● Wide product range, meeting customers’ demands in line with vehicle park development.
● Qualitative measurement and improvement of supply chain according to SIO Automotive Supply Chain Management Philosophy.
● High employee satisfaction and motivation through clearly defined and understood system objectives and open communication channels.
● Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Safety Rules, establishment of the necessary working environment for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and performing corrective actions, elimination of occupational health hazards and reducing risks, ensuring employee participation and consultation through employee representative,
● Prevention of pollution in the environmental management system, reducing the use of natural resources to protect the environment, reducing air, water, soil pollution and performing waste recycling,
● To ensure our system is transparent, free and accessible to our customers, employees and users of our products,
● Increasing the awareness of our employees through continuous training,
● To ensure our system evaluates and solves all requests, expectations and complaints from our customers within the framework of ethical rules, legal regulations and conditions of our business with a continuous information approach, evaluates inputs from customers, personnel and other related parties,
We engage our employees and suppliers about our objectives and targets, and involve them in all these processes. SIO Automotive is constantly adapting to changing market conditions. System objectives and quality policies are relentlessly reviewed and revised in line with a philosophy of continuous improvement.



SIO has a highly capable quality lab and extensive testing equipment that guarantees the quality and reliability of our products. Some of these tests which SIO Quality Lab is capable of are listed below.
Coordinate-measuring system (CMM): Zeiss Contura, precise measuring system
Optical Dimension Control: High accuracy 3 axis non-contact video measuring system
MTS Landmark® Servohydraulic Test System: Static and dynamic tests — everything from fatigue life and fracture growth studies to tension, bending and compression tests
Performance Test: Axial - Radial Stiffness and Articulation Torque and Rotation Torque
Durability Test: 4 Axis, Axial & Radial +/- Load, Articulation and Rotation
Climate Chamber: Simulation of temperature and humidity conditions
Salt Spray Testing: 480 Lt
Paint and Coating Control: Thickness, Cross-Cut etc..
Other Tension-Bending-Compression Strength Test Machines: MTS Exceed™ 45 Electromechanical Universal Test System, Zwick 5tons
Electronic measuring of torque values
Full Spectral Analysis: Low & High Carbon Steel, Sheet Metal and Aluminium
Microstructure Analysis: ASTM Grain Size, Nodularity, Porosity, Decarburisation
Hardness, Surface Roughness, Ballpin Impact Tests


SIO AUTOMOTIVE is certified according to;

IATF 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 10002
ISO 45001

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General principals of Customer Complaint Handling Procedure (CCHP)

“Your satisfaction is important to us, please tell us if you are not satisfied, we'd like to put it right” CCHP of SIO Automotive is always transparent to customers. Except company secrets or any info which is knowhow of SIO Automotive, all information that are requested by customers are given to them. CCHP is accessible to all customers and the communication language is English and Turkish. The complaints can be entered into SIO Automotive website, and also can be transmitted via communication tools such as e-mail, fax or telephone. Customers are informed about pre-investigation results as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances this period does not exceed two working days. After completion of the investigation, all immediate and future actions are reported to the customers. All the complaints are handled by an objective team without a bias as if this process is being done in the customers' premises through their eyes. Customer specific information, complaint details and any personal information of complainant are kept confidential. These are used for handling purpose only within the company. Information is not shared with third parties outside the company without prior customer consent. The main goal of the implementation of this process is to resolve the customers' problems in the shortest time and to ensure the nonrecurrence of the same problem in the future and consequently to increase the customer satisfaction. All the actions which are taken to eliminate the problem permanently are recorded, followed and results of counter measures are verified. All processes at SIO Automotive are designed and managed according to continuous improvement approach. All customer complaints are considered as a point of potential improvement and complaints are handled accordingly. All departments at SIO Automotive support this process. If needed, also external support can be provided. Please contact to your customer representative to have instruction manual of CCHP.